10 reasons why travelling is the best form of education


Sitting in a classroom with a book and watching the teacher in front of you is the most common picture that we have about education. But imagine to stroll with the nose up through the narrow streets of Rom or to swim in the crystal blue water in Thailand or again to spend a night on the top of a mountain in the Himalayas. Do you think those are not forms of education?

Here below are ten reasons why travelling is the best form of education:

  1. You learn new languages

Travel is the perfect opportunity to practice your languages studied at school. The best exercise to speak a foreign language is abroad. Usually you can speak English, which is spoken by almost everybody or even better the local language, that’s more appreciated.

  1. You learn new cultures

When you visit a city or a new place you will get in touch with the locals. If you stroll through the streets or just eat in a typical restaurant you will discover the country’s tradition. Even when you share your hostel with other travellers you understand immediately how the world is various.

  1. You learn the ancient history and the art

During the history classes at school you have definitely studied about wars and different epochs and it was really interesting.  But if you visit museums, landmarks and explore ancient ruins you can better understand the history of the country because you feel involved in it.

  1. You make new friendship

You meet lots of new people at bars, restaurants, cafes or even on the trains while travelling. They can be the grandpa who tells you the story of the village, a stranger that takes a photo of you or the owner of your hostel, who gives you some information. It doesn’t matter the color, the culture and the race. You make tons of friends because solo-travel is beautiful, but travelling together is much better.

  1. You learn to be independent

It doesn’t matter if you travel alone or with your best friend, but the only thing that counts is that there aren’t your parents as well as your teachers with you that tell you what to do. You are independent and you make the decisions by yourself.

  1. You build a better personality

Meeting new people around the world allows you to become an open-minded and friendly person. You become more self-confident and you improve your social skills.

  1. You will learn to live out of your comfort zone

No time and space for your comfort zone. When you are travelling in a foreign country you constantly challenge yourself in many different ways. Loosing yourself, asking questions and taking decisions independently are just the next steps out of your comfort zone.

  1. You will learn that moments are more important than things

Have you ever tried to buy happiness? Probably not. We both know: it’s impossible. But what about buying a flight ticket, booking a new adventure or simply taking a road trip with your friends? Well, that’s what make your life happier and richer: moments, friends and pictures of your best memories.

  1. You will learn that a smile is more important than 1.000 dollars

Have you ever wondered, why people in poor countries smile often than you? Smiling is more important than anything. Feel lucky for the opportunity you have, be open-minded and give more than you receive. That’s the secret of happiness. And remember, smiling is more worth than 1.000 dollars.

  1. Travelling changes yourself

Last but not least travelling teaches about yourself. You realize your limits as well as your capacities, and it will magically transform your way of thinking. Well, what is the best form of education between a real adventure in the jungle or a simple tale on the book?

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